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UK - People Power! Democracy, Participation, and You

People Power! Democracy, Participation, and You

Tuesday, November 19th


On Tuesday November 19th, 2019, from 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm, the Ukiah Library, invites you to a fully interactive and collaborative program that brings the foundations and institutions of American government to light and the individuals’ role within them.

The fundamentals and makeup of US federal, State, and local governments will be explored, with a refresher and primer on the systems that govern the population. In keeping with the cultural concept that the personal is the political, we will investigate both the creative and traditional ways that individuals act to influence their locality, region, and society. The Greek linguistic root of democracy is two-fold: demos: people and kracy: rule. Quite literally translated to, people, rule. This program is being held to bring us closer to that ideal by exploring the ways we can actively participate in government.

Refreshments to be served. For further information please visit the library website at, email Tobin Steiskal at, or by calling the Ukiah branch at 707-463-4490.

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