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RV - Seed Library: From Seed to Transplant

Start your Garden with Healthy Plants

From Seed To Transplant
Saturday, February 1, 2020
11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Whether you want to start your garden with seed you plant yourself or with starts from the nursery, here's the information you want! With Gina and Sorren from Open Circle Seeds and Strong Roots Farms, learn:
-The correct way to plant a seed: planting medium, water, depth, which seeds need sunlight to germinate
-Which seedlings require grow lights and heat mats, which can be started in an unheated greenhouse, which really do best being direct seeded
-The “care and feeding” of a seedling
-Which seedlings benefit from being potted up and when to do that.
-Choosing healthy seedlings at the nursery.
-Hardening off
-The correct way to transplant a start into your garden (and what to do if it is a little rootbound)
-Caring for your newly transplanted seedlings

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