Independence Day Closures

Fort Bragg & Round Valley - closed Thursday, July 4th; Ukiah, Coast, and Willits closed Thursday, July 4th - Friday, July 5th. All branches will be open regular hours starting Saturday, July 6th.

Internet Use and Guidelines

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Internet Use and Guidelines

User Responsibilities

All users of the Internet at this library are expected to use it in a responsible and courteous manner. Please follow all Internet related rules and regulations.


  • Know and comply with general library rules of conduct
  • Use for authorized items only
  • Respect intellectual property right by making only authorized copies of copyrighted licensed software or data
  • Respect other's privacy
  • Use only for legal and ethical purposes
  • Use computer equipment as is


  • Do not alter, damage or delete software
  • Do not damage or change the equipment configuration
  • Do not propagate computer worms or viruses
  • Do not misrepresent yourself or another user
  • Do not attempt to gain access to files or passwords belonging to other individuals or computer networks.


  • Copy and use of copyrighted, licensed and protected software
  • Transmission or access of obscene or sexually explicit material
  • Sending hate mail or using the Internet for harassment or discrimination
  • Transmission of material in violation of U.S. or state regulations

User Guidelines


  • First time users must demonstrate the ability to turn on a computer, load programs and CD-ROMS and show understanding of the instructions and HELP screens.
  • Users, twelve years or younger, must be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian, caretaker,. Children may not be left alone at the library.
  • Only one person over twelve years old may use each computer at a time, unless staff grants permission. People may not congregate at the computers.
  • Computer patrons assume responsibility for software during use.
  • Personal belongings should not be left unattended.
  • Computer copies cost ten cents per page.
  • Use appropriate language, respect the privacy of others and do no disrupt other users.
  • Internet sources do not always provide accurate, complete or current information. All source materials should be questioned for validity.
  • Mendocino County Libraries reserve the right to determine the nature of inappropriate computer use. Suspected internet abuse may be monitored.
  • Penalty for abuse of these guidelines is possible revocation of computer privileges for a period not less than two weeks and not more than twelve months. Appeals may be made to the library Branch Manager.

Mendocino county Library, in response to advances in technology and the emerging needs of the community, endeavors to develop collections, resources and services that meet the cultural, informational, recreational, and educational needs of a diverse community. One of its services is providing public access to the Internet.

The Internet is a global communication resource with a highly diverse user population. From its very nature the user cannot expect all sources on the Internet to provide accurate, complete or current information. The Library has no control over the content of the Internet and cannot be held responsible for its content. The Library does not censor access to library materials nor does it protect patrons from information. Library patrons accessing the Internet should use it at their own discretion. Patrons found accessing pornographic or offensive sites will be asked to leave, and may lose their computer privileges, if so determined by the Branch Librarian.

All Internet resources accessible through the Library are provided equally to all Library users. Parents or guardians are responsible for their children's access of the Internet, not the Library and its staff. Parents- and only parents- may restrict their children- and only their children- from use of the library's public Internet access and should monitor their children's sessions.

Other than restriction of children's access based on parental approval, limitations on the amount of time a person can use workstations will be imposed to make workstations more accessible to all potential users. A limitation of two persons per workstation is required in order to reduce disturbing conversation and to discourage behavioral problems. Exceptions may be made for families and special circumstances to be determined by staff.

All public access computers, catalog computers, copiers, and printers are turned off 15 minutes before closing.