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Checkout limit note:

The number of Hoopla checkouts each month may vary depending on usage. The library pays for each Hoopla checkout, and the library has a yearly budgeted amount for digital items.  Please note as of July 2020, due to the increasing popularity of Hoopla, the individual checkout limit will be reset to 4 per month

What is Hoopla Digital?

Hoopla Digital is a streaming service that allows Mendocino County Library cardholders to borrow audiobooks, movies, music, comics, ebooks, and television shows and immediately begin watching, listening or reading. Hoopla Digital is available on the web and as a downloadable app for most mobile devices. The Hoopla Digital website and mobile app can be browsed by anyone; but you need a library card in good standing to borrow items.

Unlike books or Overdrive items that our customers borrow, all Hoopla Digital titles are simultaneous use so there are no holds or waiting for a title. Like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and other consumer services, Hoopla Digital lets our customers stream and/or download thousands of items anywhere.

  • Hoopla Digital is FREE to Mendocino County Library general cardholders (library card number and a valid email address are all that are required)
  • Our customers can use our Find catalog to search for movies, television shows, and music using the search features of our Find catalog
  • Our customers can also manage their Hoopla Digital items in their Find My Account
What are the limitations?

Hoopla Digital items are available to Mendocino County Library cardholders with the following limitations:

  • Patrons are limited to 4 Hoopla Digital checkouts per month (set by Mendocino County Library Admin – this limitation may be raised or lowered in the future)
  • The borrower's library card must be in good standing (i.e. No blocks or restrictions and less than $20.00 in overdue fines on the account)
  • Borrowing lengths of time are:
    • 72 hours (3 days for movies and TV
    • 7 days for music albums
    • 21 days for eBooks, comics, and eAudiobooks
Why does Mendocino County Library provide streaming media?

Streaming content from the internet is quickly becoming the way people get their movies, television shows and other information. We need to give our customers the information in the media format they want and use.

How do customers get a Hoopla Digital account?

Customers will need to create a Hoopla Digital Account to play Hoopla Digital titles.   Customers will need the following to set up a Hoopla Digital Account:

  1. A Mendocino general library card account in good standing
  2. Your library card PIN
  3. A valid email address (for setting up the Hoopla Digital account)

Customers will set up the account on the Hoopla Digital website or by using the Hoopla Digital Mobile App. If your library card number changes, you will need to update this within your Hoopla Digital account.

Signing up: To sign up for Hoopla Digital, use your favorite web browser and go to the hoopladigital.comwebsite follow these steps:

  1. Click Log In.
  2. If you are new to Hoopla, click Sign Up Now.
  3. Choose your Library or Search for Mendocino County Library.
  4. Fill out the following information to set up an account: 
    • Email address
    • Re-type email address to validate
    • Create a password
    • Re-enter password to validate
    • Enter your Mendocino County Library Card
    • Enter your Mendocino County Library Card PIN
  5. Click Sign Up Now
Hoopla Digital Mobile App

Customers can find the Hoopla Digital Mobile App and download it for free by clicking on a link below or searching their device’s App Store as follows:

  • iPhones - Visit the iTunes App Store. Search for Hoopla Digital.
  • Android Phones - Visit Google Play Store. Search for Hoopla Digital.
  • Amazon Kindle Fire - Visit Amazon Kindle Fire Store.  Search for Hoopla Digital.
  • Windows Mobile – Hoopla Digital is not available for Windows Mobile.
How do I get more information on Hoopla Digital?

If you still have questions about Hoopla Digital after visiting this page, talk to us at Mendocino County Library. If you prefer, you can also visit the following Hoopla Digital online pages:

Hoopla Digital help

Hoopla Youtube help desk

Hoopla Digital on Facebook

Hoopla Digital on Twitter