Library Closure Press Release

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  • Library staff will be available to answer questions and assist with online resources over the phone. Service hours will be 10am-5pm, Monday through Friday
  • Branches are now providing curbside checkout

Educator/Agency FAQs

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Q: What do I get with an Educator/Agency Card?
A: In order to remove barriers and provide teachers and agencies access to materials that support their students and institutions in the classroom, the Educator and Agency Cards offer the following perks for items checked out on this card:

  • Extended checkout periods (6 weeks)
  • Extended number of items loaned (up to 50 items checked out)
  • There are also some restrictions, as follows:
  • Annual renewal (365 days from issuance educators must confirm they are still part of an educational institution and agencies must resubmit a new application request letter to the Library Director)
  • Video games, streaming media, and museum passes may not be checked out with these cards

Q: Who may apply for an Educator Card?
A: The Educator Card is intended to help all levels of educators to support their students’ education. Educators who are employed by an educational institution in Mendocino County (religious, public and private schools, certified home-schools, licensed child-care providers, recreational leaders, student educators, etc.) may have Educator Card borrowing privileges. Educators whose primary residence is in Mendocino County but who teach in another county may also have a Mendocino County Library Educator Card. If you can provide one of the required pieces of Educator identification (listed below), you are eligible for this card.

  • school ID badge
  • copy of a contract or letter confirming employment
  • paystub
  • printout of online pay information
  • proof of home school status

Q: Who may apply for an Agency Card?
A:The Agency Card is intended to help government and private agencies access materials that support their institutions. Agency Cards are granted by review of the Library Director. Agencies can obtain and submit the Agency Card application in person at any Mendocino County Library location. Agency applicants must submit an application, as well as a letter requesting issuance of the card presented on official letterhead and signed by a legal representative who can accept financial responsibility for items borrowed on the card.

Q: What can’t I check out with my Educator/Agency Card?
A: Since the Educator/Agency Cards are intended to help educators and agencies support students’ and institutions in learning in the classroom and elsewhere, there are a few limitations on checkout of item types. The resources that may not be checked out with the Educator Card include:

  • Video games
  • Streaming media
  • Museum passes (Discover & Go)

Q: Can I get an Educator/Agency Card in addition to my regular personal library card?
A: YES! These cards are intended to help support access to library materials to your students’ and institutions.  Materials and resources for your own personal use should be checked out using your general library card.

Q: My student/employee lost a book that I had checked out on my Educator/Agency Card account. What can I do?
A: Just like with a general library card, educators/agencies are responsible to pay replacement fees for lost items. However, since we understand the challenges of supplying materials to a class of students, replacement fees for up to four lost items per year will be forgiven. When you come in to your local library, let staff know that the item was lost, and we will mark it in your record. If the item is later found, send it on back to us!