Gift Policy

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Mendocino County Library Gift Policy

The Mendocino County Library welcomes gifts of library materials, money or real property. These gifts help enrich and improve public library resources. Monetary contributions are added to the library's Endowment fund, which is allocated by the Library Board for purchase of materials. Memorial books or other library materials may be donated in honor of a friend or relative, and are marked with a special bookplate. Used books and paperbacks can often be used in the library's collection. Items not needed by the library are sold at a book sale sponsored by the Friends of the Library Generally, the library does not accept textbooks or books in poor physical condition. The library may or may not accept donations of specialized collections.

A decision will be made on an individual basis by the Library Director and the Branch Manager. The library applies the same criteria for evaluating gift items as it applies to purchased material. Gifts will be withdrawn in the same manner as purchased material. The library does not accept responsibility for notifying donors of withdrawal or replacement of gift items. All gifts are tax deductible and the library will furnish a statement for tax purposes, but does not place a financial value on used items. No gifts are accepted unless given to the library without restriction. All gifts may be utilized, sold or disposed of in the best interest of the library. All donations are accepted only if the Library Director feels they can be utilized by the library.

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